Welcome to the Hibachi website! Hibachi is a Portsmouth, NH restaurant offering fine Japanese cuisine for your enjoyment. We are a traditional Japanese steakhouse, offering full teppanyaki dinners cooked in front of you as a complete culinary masterpiece, a delicious and fresh sushi bar, and full beverage bar. The perfect start to an evening out with family and friends or a birthday celebration! We hope to see you soon.We are conveniently located on Lafayette Road, in Portsmouth, NH.

What is a Japanese Steak House? Our restaurant, Hibachi, is a Japanese Steak House.  Japanese steak houses originated from teppanyaki. Our chef’s juggle utensils, flash knives, flip lobster tails, toss eggs high in the air, and set flames soaring high for your enjoyment.  The food is delicious.  The traditional teppanyaki dinners consist of Japanese food including steak, chicken, lobster, shrimp, rice, and vegetables.

Watch our Hibachi video now for a preview of your Portsmouth, NH Japanese restaurant experience!